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JOHN D. GREEN 6a--10a

John D. Green Bio

High School:  I went to school in the Rocky Mountain area so it was about a mile high (5,280 feet).

Hometown:  Greenville

Favorite Music:  Buddy Holly and The Crickets

Favorite Song:  John Deere Green

Favorite TV Show:  The Muppets.  Guess which one is my favorite.

Favorite Movie:  The Swamp Thing

Favorite Food:  Anything but Frog Legs.

Beverage of Choice:  Green Tea

Most Memorable On-Air Moment:  I don’t have a great memory but I do remember this one time when… Wait, what was the question again?

I love the Mid-Ohio Valley because…  Ponds, frogs, bugs…  What’s not to love! 


Ally Gator 3p--7p

Ally's Bio

Hometown – Catawba, OH

Favorite Music – Country, Soul, R&B, and Pop

Favorite Song – “Be My Baby Tonight” – John Michael Montgomery

Favorite hobby -- painting or tennis

Favorite TV shows – The Amazing Race, AFV, Tosh.O, Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Movies – The Wizard of Oz, We Are Marshall, A League of Their Own, Mission Impossible 4

Favorite Food(s) – Potato Soup, rice krispie chicken, strawberries, cookie dough ice cream, terameisu

Beverage of Choice – Root Beer or Milk

Pet Peeves – chewing with mouth open, music/TV too loud, screaming during the whole concert

Most Memorable On-Air Moment – The day I had a listener call in and say “Hey Ally! It’s your loyal listener….!” It felt great to know I had an audience who seemed to like what I was doing.

I love the Mid-Ohio Valley because… it has given me a place to call home, without having a single blood-relative anywhere near here. I have a place where I feel free to be me and accepted for that because of the people I’ve met down here. J



LEAPIN' LIA 7p--12p


Way back in the late 60's, in a small little Kentucky town, I came screaming into this world. My mom, a Southern Belle housewife, and my dad, a farmer, bar owner, janitor, banjo picker, had finally had enough kids. I was the last of four and, believe me, I think I was the reason they didn't want anymore! I left Kentucky, my family, my friends and my life behind and moved hundreds of miles cross-country to be with my oldest sister, Connie (my role model, best friend and confidante), and her husband. I finished school and, purely by accident, I got into Country radio. 





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